Sept. 28, 1944

Peaches and Cream!

Mother just telephoned me from the house to say that she had received both a letter and a telegram from you. May your pen and your larynx operate quite often to our great joy. We are strongly in favour of the two year period and hope you register for it. That allows for lessening tension giving you more time to look around New York and get in touch with personalities.

I am sending the codeines 2 grain tablets one dozen of them through Yanka. One tab taken with a tablet (5 gr) of asprin when the discomfort is great. At other times the 223 might do. I do hope you don't have too severe a time of it little dear. Rest all you can won't you, and don't allow studies or any preoccupations to worry you.

Knopf is going to town on my Collected in the Spring. The Royalties I am sure will take care of the second year for you at Columbia. He is putting out an edition of 3000 at first and I get 40 cents on each book. I am enclosing a card I got yesterday from Benét.

With much love, Tinkitink.


The American edition of Collected Poems was published on 16 April 1945; the Canadian edition was published by Macmillan on 13 October 1944.