Thursday [21 Sept. 1944]

Dearest Cayke:

Your postcard and mother's arrived today and I am replying immediately because it takes two days or three for a word to reach its destination. I went over to Yanka's with the shoes. She hasn't yet received her papers from Washington but hopes to in a short while.

Ian and Oran are getting along all right. She says that Ian is very comfortable where he is and doesn't need to change.

I am sending your Rosicrucian pamphlet. Above everything else, these must be forwarded post-haste. There has not been any further mail for you but what does come I shall transmit faithfully.

I telephoned Poss and learned the sad news of Huckvale's little granddaughter. She was drowned at Bobcaygeon. Her mother (I forget her first name) just left her for a minute near the dock and she fell in and could not be resuscitated. Nineteen months old – terrible catastrophe, almost beyond imagining.

I suppose mother will be home on Tuesday. She will let me know what train she is aboard so I'll go for her in the car. Registration starts this Saturday and teaching on Wednesday.

Well, every bit of love to you darling.


Of students at Victoria College.