Tuesday [19 Sept. 1944]

Dearest Vi:

I had a good rest last night free from the noise of broken bottles and street calls. I hope you had the same.

Mr Brooks is now upstairs fixing the water leakage. I hope to have a new kitchen ceiling by the time you come back. The cracks have increased and look dangerous.

I am sending Claire's sandals by Yanka. I shall call her up today. I had to look through all the shoes of the cupboard to make sure. Here is the drawing as far as I can do it.

I found everything else in good shape. Am having a few of the boys in some night but will clear up any dust next morning. I shall miss sweet Cayke's help at the dishes but after all when all is said and done, it is likely the dishes will be done a wee bit better when I wash as well as dry. Poor little Cakey, she does leave the odd bit of peach on the bottom of the yellow dish, but what can one expect from a Rosicrucian. Do not forget to bring back a 26 oz of Wilson's Rye. Nellie will show you across the street where there's a store. I will need it for the Wallace-Irwin dinner, and one can bring in a gallon as long as it is in one container. There is no trouble. You can bring in a load of goods to the value of 150 dollars.

Well Gazelle and Cheetah and Panda,

Much love

Mr Brooks
A neighbourhood plumber.

Wallace-Irwin dinner
A dinner in honour of Malcolm Wallace on his retirement from the Department of English and Principalship of University College (Toronto), and of William Arthur Irwin on his appointment as Editor of Maclean's.