152 University Ave.
Friday pm [11 Aug. 1944]

Dearest Cayke:

I am enclosing a ten dollar bill for you as my Victoria cheque came today. The Maclean's cheque has not yet arrived for some mistake or other. If it doesn't come in a day or two I fear it's lost and I shall have to tell Art Irwin to investigate it.

It is a lovely day today with the temperature very moderate – even cool in the shade. I hope it is the same in Toronto.

I shall be taking the train a week today for Toronto. I think the train leaves here a little after six pm. I shall let you know exactly later.

Poss's rhymes were quite catchy and funny. I hope she feels very much better when she gets them out of her system. It must help the temperature considerably. How are the beans and peonies? And the stars?


Tell Yanka I sent off a glowing account of her charms to Columbia yesterday.

Maclean's cheque
The advance on 'They Are Returning.' See 'Irwin's letter' in letter to Viola Pratt, 18 July 1944.