152 University Ave.
Saturday [29 July 1944]

Dear daughter Rosemary of the Cross:

The name is MELL an abbreviation probably for Melrose. I knew a fellow named Mell Hammond formerly of the Globe, now deceased. His full name was Melrose. I cannot be perfectly sure about Gwen's friend as when she said this is M – ? The Wurlitzer in the coffee shop was pounding and screaming out Bing Crosby or Sinatra.

I am glad you enjoyed the picnic. It must have been a lively company with the adventurous Miss Turner and the medilalise[?] Miss Eayrs.

If Adele was frightened through the opera glasses what would be her condition through the telescope.

Every morning when I get up I make a promise, that I shall make you a good present of a telescope as soon as I can lay hands on one. It may not be until you return from New York. You are also to get an up-to-date recorder which can go on continuously. I make this double promise here and now, so help me.

So mother is working at the pennies at high pressure. Whenever will I get a week of doing nothing? When it isn't one thing it is another.

Give me best love to mother, the same to yourself.

My kind regards to Mrs Snifflittzer and my warnings to Jack Myles.

Crucial Times.

daughter Rosemary of the Cross
See the note to 'Rosie' in the letter to Viola Pratt, 27 July 1944.

See the letter to Viola Pratt, 27 July 1944.

Mrs Snifflittzer
A nickname for Mrs. Myles, neighbour of the Pratts on Cortleigh Boulevard, and owner of the troublesome dog Jack.