[Kingston, Ont.]
Tuesday evening [25 July 1944]


I have been asked to take part in a Dramatic festival at Queen's a week from Thursday. Angus, the director, has asked me to put in a quarter of an hour of the evening with a reading. As all the readings and plays are on the war theme he suggests that I read Dunkirk or part of it.

I forgot to bring a copy, so will you pick one out from the case in the den – the top shelf over in the backyard corner side, and send it by post. Perhaps you have an envelope big enough; if not wrap it up & send it by post. If the George Johnston edition is there with the hard cover, send it. If not, the other will do just about as well.


Stamps for Cayke.

In 1941 the public relations and publishing firm of Johnston, Everson, and Charlesworth, by arrangement with Pratt and Macmillan, had had a special, limited, hardcover edition of Dunkirk printed. Suitably inscribed, the book was intended for distribution to clients as a Christmas promotion. The members of the firm – J. George Johnston, Ronald G. Everson, and J.L. Charlesworth – were all friends of Pratt.