June 16, 1944

Dear Ed:

Your broadcast came across splendidly. Jennings of the C.B.C. was delighted with it. I had lunch with him last Saturday. Art Phelps spent Sunday evening with me. He liked your talk. President Cody spoke to me about it at a Vic Commencement affair. He was warm in his praise of you, saying that he had hoped your future would be with the U. of T., but Chicago called.

Your article in the Quarterly is fine.

I just signed the Knopf contract today. He is manufacturing the whole thing but the book must come out in the spring as his fall lists are full. He says that a spring appearance would be to my advantage as he has a lot of plans for promotion. The contract is very favourable and the outlook is promising. The copyright, too, is in my own name.

Macmillans will bring out the Canadian edition by early September and they are evidently going to town on it. They have issued two advance notices already, using your name among others in both cases.

You would be glad to read Tinker's letter received today – ten pages of handwriting. Very warmly appreciative of both Brébeuf & Dunkirk. I shall send it on to you in a while. I am showing it to Arthur Woodhouse this evening when he and G.B. Harrison have dinner with me.

I shall report progress from time to time. Let me also hear from you on occasion.


From CBL, the Toronto outlet of the CBC, a talk entitled 'Our Neglect of Our Literature.' Broadcast on 4 June 1944, it was later published in The Civil Service Review (Sept. 1944).

Brown's annual review of Canadian poetry in the 'Letters in Canada' section of the spring number of UTQ.