[May 1, 1944]

Dear Bill

Here is the announcement.

I have made all the arrangements for that dinner on Saturday evening May 27 at 7. Mrs Duncan will prepare it and the room is free.

I have suggested it to Frank and Wilf Sanders who are most enthusiastic. That means 4 so far – you, I, Wilf and Frank.

As we should like to have about 15, I am leaving selection of the rest to you. Name them and give me the list with addresss so I can phone or write them. It will be just a friendly dinner with a toast and a little gift and the odd comment as the spirit inspires us. So name about 11 or 12 more of the very best. We could have it informal or black tie. Let me know.


I think black tie would be a little better.

The dinner was to be held at a private club (unidentified).

Let me know
The final list negotiated between Pratt and Deacon included, in addition to Frank Sutherland and Wilf Sanders, P.E.D. McDowell, D.M. LeBourdais, J. George Johnston, R.A. Farquharson, J.V. McAree, F.F. Appleton, Dr. Beaumont S. Cornell, J.L. Rutledge, W.F. Prendergast, Franklin Carmichael, Robert Huckvale and Carlton McNaught, with John Atkins invited 'should it fit into his itinerary' (Deacon, letter to Pratt, 11 May).