Jan. 12, 1944

My dear Cécile:

It is always so refreshing to get a letter from you. You are so delightfully spontaneous and enthusiastic – a perfect reflection in writing of your own lovely personality in action. No writer needs a better reward than that for his work.

I should like very much to be at that festival in March but I find it impossible to get away from the pressure of spring lectures and examinations. I have already been off duty by special exemption and I could not ask for another favour.

Give my love to Benét when you see him. He is the most remarkable literary editor in America and a grand writer.

I often dip into your book of Expression when I want to get the proper vocal nuance for a line of verse. You are such a superb interpreter. Your Toronto friends including myself, of course, think you are 'tops' on this continent.

With much affection
Ned Pratt

'A Festival of Spoken Poetry' at Wellesley College in Massachusetts where de Banke taught elocution. A number of American poets were to be present and perform, including William Rose Benét.

To enable him to undertake his American tour in November past.

Choral Speaking in the English Course: a Guide to Verse Speaking (Boston and Los Angeles: 1942).