Dec. 6, 1943

Dear Lorne:

Apart from the kind things said about me in Brown's Canadian Poetry, I think the book is a magnificent bit of writing. Naturally I cannot say this for print, as I am personally involved too much, but it would be a great thing if the book could get known in the U.S.A. Professor Tinker of Yale, perhaps the leading English Professor of the U.S.A., is enthusiastic according to Brown. Would you write him asking him to review it for the Yale Review. His enthusiasm would certainly accelerate the sales. But probably he needs an official word from you.

I am buying a number of the books for Christmas presents.

Could you send me, at whatever discount you allow, 6 of them right away to Victoria.

As always
Ned Pratt

Marginal note in another hand: 'Books sent at 20% discount.'