Nov. 10, 1943

Dear Ed:

My schedule is at last fixed. I arrive at Ithaca Sunday midday 12:50 from Buffalo and leave on Tuesday 1:26 a.m. for N.Y. I have my reservation.

My brother Cal spent an evening with me last week and Vi read your whole chapter aloud to a small company. All of us think it is grand. It is kind and eloquent. Cal went next day and bought two copies which he will bring back to Newfoundland. I am going to promote the sales as much as I can. I hope you will always keep your Canadian contacts whatever happens. You are not only a great scholar and writer but a damn good friend.

I am enclosing the Star copy, though reviews are tardy as usual.


In New York state, site of Cornell University.

midday 12:50
To note: 'midday from' altered to 'midday 12:50 from.'