Sept. 14, 1943

Dear Malcolm Ross:

Thanks for your letter.

E.K. Brown has written suggesting November 22 and 23 as suitable dates for him. I am communicating with Davis and Bush. Davis is arranging a few colleges with Smith as a centre. I hope everything goes along well. I am sorry that you were blocked on the larger vision of the scheme. I feel sure you could have made a grand showing if you had been adequately supported.

You will always be welcome here in Toronto. Let me know of your future plans from time to time.

Yours sincerely
Ned Pratt

No more doctoring or professoring me, if you please. I am known to my friends as N.P.

Questioned on the point, Ross wrote David G. Pitt (September 1986): 'I was in touch with Brown and may have urged a wider tour than was possible. But I am guessing.'