June 1, 1943

Dear Art:

I heard from Clarke of Queen's last week that G.B.H. was practically settled. Clarke himself was opposed to an English appointment but since he was retiring he could say little or nothing. I am terribly disappointed, but it may turn out all right.

I am seeing Coward of Coward McCann on Saturday Night at the annual dinner of the Toronto Branch of the C.A.A. I shall make a point of mentioning the Phoenix.

E.K. Brown is here now. I am having a dinner for him next week. Most of the lads of the old Brigade will be there except Sirluck & Bissell & Birney who are up north. I wish you could be with us. You shall be remembered in our grace.

I am excited over the anthology.

Kindest regards from Vi & myself

Both Smith and G.B. Harrison were candidates for the headship of the Department of English at Queen's. (See the letter to Smith, 13 May 1943.)

Coward McCann
A New York publishing house.

Smith was trying to find a publisher for his News of the Phoenix and Other Poems.

up north
At Camp Borden.