April 12, 1943

Dear W.E.

I am enclosing a letter from Hébert sent through Leo Cox. This is only one of the several euconiums on your translation. I know Hébert. He is an author of some distinction. I also got a very warm note from Mrs. Mary Colman of Vancover who thinks your renderings exquisite. I do wish you had time to do more critical work. A.J.M. Smith was here with me last week and he spoke most cordially of you. So do they all. I hope the gods will land you in Toronto some day for a steady job. We lost E.K. Brown & Louis Mackay and Bert Davis. It's too bad.

I am sending a copy to Sylvestre.

Give my kind regards to Mrs C. And to Billy Fox. He is a close friend.



The Brébeuf radio symphony is dated for Sept. 26, C.B.C. giving a one hour's program. Healy Willan musical composer.

Will you return Leo Cox's letter & Hébert's? I need them for my files.

Sylvestre's copy is complimentary of course.

Maurice Hébert, a poet and literary critic, worked in the Quebec civil service. He was father of Quebecois writer Anne Hébert and cousin of the poet Hector de Saint-Denis Garneau.

Collin's translation in Canadian Poetry Magazine of an essay by Guy Sylvestre.

'a copy to Paye[?]' altered to 'a copy to Sylvestre.'

Healy Willan
[sic] Healey Willan.