Nov. 15, 1942

Dear Lorne:

I have received a letter from A.J.M. Smith saying that the University of Chicago Press is contemplating bringing out his Canadian Anthology. The chief determinant is the extent of the permission costs. If these are moderate there is an excellent chance of an American publication.

It is a grand piece of work he has done and I am naturally anxious to see it a success. He has asked me to put in a word for him to you and Ellen Elliott which I am now doing. I am sure that whatever you do will be all right in any case.

How is the old pump getting along these days? I hope you are taking care of yourself. I have myself to go a bit easier – 9 holes instead of the time-honoured 18 and less than three steps at a time in rushing upstairs.

With every good wish

go a bit easier
Pratt had been unwell that autumn. He was diagnosed as having high blood-pressure and a degree of arteriosclerosis, and was given leave from the College during November and December.