Aug. 19, 1942

My dear Lorne:

Sir Charles telephoned me last night to get in touch with you about another meeting for the C.A.A. constitution and slate. I suppose it is difficult now to reach the boys. Pelham will be back from the north soon. I shall be in the city right along. Charles had a letter from Webster claiming that the vote must represent the total membership of the C.A.A. and not simply who voted by correspondence.

Yours truly
Ned Pratt

A committee comprising Pratt, Roberts, Pierce, and Edgar was drafting both amendments to the constitution of the CAA and a slate of National Executive officers to be brought to the annual convention in September.

Pelham Edgar and family were holidaying in the Gatineau Hills before moving to Ottawa, where he was to be a censor in the Post Office Department.

To amend the constitution.