May 30 [1942]

My dear Eddie:

It was good to hear your voice the other evening. A.J.M. Smith is here with me now and we were wondering when it would be possible to have a good long chin with you. He is a great admirer of yours and spoke of the leg-up you gave him in the Quarterly just out. Your whole article was gorgeous. It is a pity that the circulation is only 600. Woodhouse is exuberant over the issue. I hope Sandwell takes stock of it.

I wrote Dillon today a long letter telling him of what your efforts have meant to this country. I mentioned Ferguson's impression of the April issue and his enthusiastic support of the Poetry appeal, etc. etc.


'Letters in Canada: Poetry (1941),' in the April (1942) number of the University of Toronto Quarterly. Brown praised Smith's poem 'The Face' (published in Contemporary Verse), and noted that his group of poems in Poetry (April 1941) 'won an important award.' See the note to 'prize in Poetry' in the letter to Smith, 13 November 1941.

April issue
The April 1941 issue of Poetry (Chicago), guest-edited by E.K. Brown