March 17, 1942

Dear Father Murphy!

The top of St. Patrick's morning to you.

I have just written Sheed about 'Brebeuf' and Dunkirk' and told him the facts about the sales. I hope he will act.

My love to the grand boys at your College. I had a good time from beginning to end, and not the least result of my visit was the making of a friendship with such a man as yourself.

E.J. Pratt

Probably Francis J. Sheed (1897-1981), Catholic author, lecturer and founder, with his wife Maisie Ward (1889-1975), of the publishing firm of Sheed and Ward. The Basilian Order was very interested in arranging for an American edition of Brébeuf and His Brethren, eventually issuing a special 'Basilian' edition of the poem. See paragraph 4 of the letter to George Dillon, 26 August 1942.