March 7, 1942

My dear Wilf:

It was good to hear from an old friend again. I should have replied to your letter immediately but for two or three reasons.

I have had a chronic throat (I suppose a speaker's throat) which keeps me down to a minimum of speaking and lecturing. My engagements in the near future were undertaken some months ago and I am endeavouring to carry them through. On the 23rd I speak to the Monday Club and I understand some of my friends are arranging a dinner (or something) for me.

I should like very much indeed to be with you that evening and if too much is not exacted I think I could manage it. I could give say from 20 to 30 minutes upon such a topic as – 'Some material for historical poetry' and illustrate from two or three of my longer poems. The whole subject would be treated in a semi-humourous manner. If this is satisfactory could you have a reading desk or music stand or something on which I could place a manuscript. It makes it much more leisurely.

I trust my throat will be better in a couple of weeks, but the pleasure for me will not be so much the delivery of a lecture but the sight of a few friends particularly yourself.

Ned Pratt

I may have to rush back after the lecture to rejoin that group I spoke of.

Monday Club
A men's club in Ottawa.

Pratt had been asked to address the Ottawa Branch of the CAA.