[early Dec. 1941]

Dear Leo:

Your Reviews are excellent. They and your poem are appearing in this issue.

I have been spreading my self on the 'North Star.' It is the best thing for 1941. Had a talk with Edgar yesterday. He liked it a lot.

Confidentially, of course.

I took the liberty of cutting out the kind reference to my self in the Carsley review as you know how many cats will talk about 'editorial' privileges. I don't want to give a chance for the pussies to arch their backs. However, thanks for your great heart.

By the way, Leo, could you find out for me what time McGill closes for the Christmas vacation and let me know. I have a nephew there and holiday invitation is in the offing. I don't want to write him direct.

As ever

See the letter to Cox, 13 November.

'North Star'
Pratt felt that the book should receive the Governor-General's Award for Poetry. See the letter to Cox, late November.

His brother Calvert's son from St. John's.