[13 Nov. 1941]

Dear Leo:

The Executive would like you to review the enclosed chapbooks if you can do it by the dead line November 18. One page altogether about 300 words. The stuff I think is excellent and the two girls have been staunch supporters of our C.P.M. Mrs. Ferne is the leader of the Victoria P. Group.


Thanks again & again for your hospitality. I wrote AJM Smith about you and I shall take up this question of the award with Mrs. Elliott.

Of Canadian Poetry Magazine.

The Artisan by Sara Carsley and Ebb Tide by Doris Ferne, both published in the Ryerson chapbook series in 1941, were reviewed by Cox in CPM (December 1941).


The 'question of the award' concerned Cox's prospect of winning the 1941 Governor-General's Award for his North Star (Toronto: Macmillan 1941). See letters to Cox dated late November, early December 1941, and 28 June 1942.