May 23, 1941

Dear Mr Hagedorn:

I rang up Macmillans to find out what copies they sent you and I find they are the following:

There are four other volumes of verse of which they are out of stock:

I am afraid 'Verses of the Sea' is unobtainable but as it is largely a compilation of verses taken from the other volumes, it may be neglected.

I have in my own possession some first editions of The Witches Brew and the Titans. The price is $1.00 subject to 30% discount – that is 70c each. If you wanted them I could send them direct to you.

My latest volume 'Brébeuf and His Brethren' sold out its first edition of 1000 in three months. Macmillans are out of it completely and so am I. But I think that Mr Roy Britnell, bookseller and collector, 765 Yonge Street, Toronto would have a copy, or possibly the Robert Simpson Co. of Toronto. You might communicate with Britnell's if you so desired.

The special limited edition of Brébeuf is $3.00 retail. Macmillans have a few copies left but that may be too expensive for your customer.

My love to Leo Kennedy. I consider him the best bet of the younger generation.

Very cordially
E.J. Pratt