April 10, 1941

Dear Emma:

Will you tell Miss Hately that she has a good writer in Mary Vallentyne, and I congratulate both teacher and student.

The Trillium is packed with colour and imagery, and the scientific basis is sound and appropriate. I think, however, that St Anne's is the better poem. It has a more subtle beauty and rhythm. It is lovely and if Mary could wait I would publish it in the Canadian Poetry Magazine in the issue after next – that is, if our finances permit further publication.

I looked for a spare copy of the Iron Door to send you as an Easter present but all my stock is exhausted. Macmillans I think have a few copies left.

I am sending Miss Hately a copy of 'The Fable.'

Yours Sincerely
Ned Pratt

A long-time friend of Viola Pratt. She taught English at the School for the Blind in Brantford, Ontario, and later at Brantford Collegiate.

Miss Hately
A teacher of Grade 13 English at Brantford Collegiate.

Mary Vallentyne
In a letter to David G. Pitt (23 Aug. 1971), Moffitt describes her as 'a very gifted Grade 13 student.' At Hately's request Moffitt had sent two of Mary's poems to Pratt for his 'opinion of her work.'