Jan. 17, 1941

My dear Murdo:

It was good to hear from you. Your Christmas Cheer was cheer indeed. I informed the party around the table as to source. It was a rare old manuscript.

I was hoping that Queen's might give you another year's grace especially as the sweet-faced Minnie is still reclining.

But, as I have said to you, study and research are the important matters especially when you have youth so wonderfully on your side.

If you should happen to be in Toronto next year you would find plenty of facilities for solid study.

I haven't heard from Clarke for a long time. He is slowing up in his correspondence.

Best of luck
Ned Pratt

Christmas Cheer
MacKinnon writes, 'I probably gave Ned a bottle of Seagram's V.O.' (Letter to David G. Pitt, 30 March 1989).

MacKinnon had a temporary appointment at Queen's University for which Pratt had recommended him. (See letter to G.H. Clarke, August 1939.)

Professor Wilhelmina Gordon, who was ill.