Jan. 17, 41'

Dear Eddie:

You deserve hearty congratulations over this effort. The time, labour and judgment involved are considerable.

I think I have enough material from one or two contributors to make up the 700 lines or so.

I looked through my own but decided not to offer more as it wasn't quite good enough and I would rather have 60 or 70 good than 100 part good and part bad. It looks like a good line-up .

Will meet you on Saturday Jan. 25 at Hart House Faculty or lunch at 1, if that is satisfactory.

Best of luck in Montreal. I know you will have a fine time.

Ned P.

Brown had sent Pratt the all-but-final selection of poems for the 'Canadian' number of Poetry (Chicago) he was guest-editing. See the note to 'list', in the letter to Brown, 9 October 1940.

Brown had apparently asked Pratt if he could provide additional material for the 'Canadian' number from submissions to the CPM.

Pratt had given Brown two recent poems of his own for inclusion: 'Come Away, Death' and 'The Invaded Field,' comprising seventy-seven lines in all.

Hart House Faculty
The faculty dining room.