Aug. 27, 1940

Dear Lorne:

It was such a great delight to get your note of appreciation. Both letter and book must have crossed in the mail – telepathy! To get a word of praise from Lorne Pierce is praise indeed. It always warms my heart, coming, as it does, from one so richly endowed.

The book is just nearing the end of the first edition. The Macs are bringing out another shortly – which is something considering the war and the general unsettlement.

I know Mary Gibson as a student. She is an attractive likable girl. She writes well, and, once she got into editorial work with a bit of practice, she would give results. Her essays have been consistently good. She was not one of the very highest top-notchers academically, but attainment there is largely a matter of linguistic proficiency. The main thing is she knows good prose from bad and I would recommend her.


On the publication of Brébeuf and His Brethren.

Mary Gibson
See the third paragraph of the letter to Claire Pratt, 31 October 1954.