152 University Ave
Kingston, Ont.
July 7, 1940

Dear Cayke:

I am nicely ensconced here at 152 University Ave. in the same room I had last year. Mrs Cartwright is just the same: so is Dicky (both Dr Cartwright and the cat). I lecture from eight to ten, have my breakfast at the same place – the old coffee shop at the corner, much improved, and I am enclosing the menu which probably you will remember. My breakfast at 10:15 is usually tomato juice, two fried eggs and bacon, toast and coffee – the diet for stronger men. I take the 'getter-upper' very seldom.

I work from 11 to 4 (day hours of course) then I manage to get a game either nine holes or eighteen, have dinner at the golf-club and return about nine or a little later.

Most of my spare time is taken up with lecture preparation mainly Shakespeare. The weather is admirable now, not too hot. Dr Austin is here as before; his sister leads the two dogs up and down University Avenue and the old nurse nods away in the rocking chair from ten in the morning till dewy eve.

I have been asked to take one of the evening's lectures on Sunday. I may give them an account of Brébeuf. By the way the book is supposed to be out early this week. I shall send mother a copy immediately it appears. The passport difficulties may make a difference in the extent of the pilgrimages from the United States and the war generally is bound to affect the sales, but we shall hope for the best.

Next week-end I expect to be in Toronto. I may leave here Friday evening on the 7:20 getting in about ten standard time. Then mother and I will motor out some time Saturday to see you if you will let us know the best time.

I hope the mosquitoes are not troubling you too much and that you get plenty of rest.

Till the end of next week

the cat
The second 'Dicky' was actually a dog in the 1939 letters. See the letter to Claire Pratt, 28 July 1939.

On the enclosed restaurant menu, 'Diet for Stronger Men' and 'The Getter-Upper' were titles of two of the breakfast combinations.

A regular feature of the Summer School was a public lecture series, held in Grant Hall, the main auditorium on campus, on Sunday evenings.