21 Cortleigh Blvd., Toronto
October 21, 1939

Dear Mrs. Macbeth:

At this week's meeting of our executive Miss Herriman, secretary, read Mr. Gaskell's letter on the importance of the national executive meeting next Saturday in Ottawa. Unfortunately, only two from Toronto can attend. However, Mr. J. George Johnston, one of the ablest members of the Toronto executive, expects to be in Ottawa at that time and is willing to participate in the discussions if his presence is permitted as a visitor. I would much appreciate an invitation for him from you, if you care to receive Mr. Johnston as an unofficial representative from Toronto branch. I understand that last year Mr. Jacobson, not then a member of the national executive, attended one of the sessions informally; and I am sure it would be of benefit to us if Mr. Johnston could be present on the 28th.

As Mr. Johnston will be re-arranging his plans somewhat to be present, I would like to know as soon as possible whether he will be welcome.

If the courtesies of the occasion can be extended to him in the interests of the Association as a whole, I shall be most grateful.

Yours very truly,

E.J. Pratt
Toronto Branch