Monday 24th [July 1939]

Dearest Cayke:

Your card came Saturday evening just when Mother, Phoebe and I returned from our bass-fishing expedition. Mother motored in here Friday night and on Saturday afternoon, Professor Neish took the three of us out in his motor launch for bass – thirteen miles from here. We went up to a part of the Rideau Canal and out into the lake.

We put Phoebe ashore to keep watch over the provisions while the three of us trolled from four to half-past six. I caught a pike about three pounds and one 'Strawberry Bass' about a half-pound. Mr Neish put a line through their gills and dragged them at the stern of the boat to keep them fresh but as soon as we got ashore we couldn't find them. They got away even from that line.

And then on the way back just when Phoebe was getting into the boat she put the heel of one high-heeled shoe between the ribs of the bottom and broke partially through the flooring of the boat. Professor Neish said if it had been a little more it would have gone right through and we would have had to walk home. He asked me afterwards in a whisper how much she weighed. Imagine too wearing high-heeled shoes in a boat almost as frail as a canoe.

Cayke, tell me, if I should send you some of your allowance. I can slip a fiver or a tenner in anytime if you but say the word.

I am writing mother now.

Much love

bass-fishing expedition
See the letter to Claire Pratt, 20 July 1939.