Monday morning [10 July 1939]

My dearest Cayke:

Mother wrote you last night and I am sending a line now which ought to reach you a day or so after your arrival at Red Deer.

We have been wondering how you got on in that train. Did you have all the comforts? Was that girl who occupied the top berth nice, and did you make a companion of her? Did you meet your friend at Regina? And was Uncle Karl there? Did you get enough to eat on the train? Did you sleep well – this above all? All of these questions must be answered in full in your letter.

Wasn't it nice of Auntie Phoebe to come down to see you off?

Dr Norman and Mrs Norman came to take me down to the station and to take mother out to dinner at the Golf Club. They would probably stay at the Club House for most of the evening. The house at 21 will be a bit quiet now seeing the two chatterboxes Cayke & Ned are gone.

Let me hear from you regularly won't you.


Uncle Karl
Karl Whitney, who lived in Francis, Saskatchewan, would have gone to Regina to see Claire as she passed through en route to Red Deer.

Auntie Phoebe
A long-standing friend of the family, no actual relation.