[5 July 1939]

Vi dear.

How did you get on with that special number the night before last? Six thousand words in one evening make an incredible task. I have been thinking about you all day with that burden on you. Why, the merely mechanical job of typing such a mass would be a job in itself. What did you do? And why did they impose that haste on you? And all of that to come in the week of preparation for Claire's trip!

How has the weather been in the city? I do not know when I felt the heat more than today – one of the hottest days Kingston has had. I just stayed in my room with coat and shirt off all the afternoon and with the thirty-third volume of the Jesuit Relations in my hands trying to get some shape to the new idea. It is going to be a tremendous task, perhaps too big, but I imagine the hardest is getting started. Should it take shape and go, it ought to hit a clip, but it's a gamble.

I'll be in the city Friday night on the 7:20 passing through here.

Much love darling

Written from Kingston, Ontario, where Pratt was teaching in the Queen's University Summer School.

special number
A special number of World Friends, the young peoples' monthly magazine which Viola edited for the United Church Publishing House.

Jesuit Relations
Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents, ed. R.G. Thwaites, 73 vols. (Cleveland: Burrows Brothers 1896-1901). Pratt was preparing to write Brébeuf and His Brethren.