Wednesday evening
[5 July 1939]

Dear Cayke:

Your card came yesterday and mother's letter this morning. I suppose you are in the thick of preparations for next Saturday night. I am catching the Friday evening train here for Toronto, so I shall spend Saturday and Sunday in the city.

Things are going to be the same here this summer as last, the same hours, eight to ten, the same boarding place, though improved, the same friends and much the same lecturing work though a bit more difficult as some of the authors are new.

I have another room – I think it is the one you slept in last August – smaller but just as comfortable and one dollar a week cheaper.

I am dropping a note to mother on the other side.


Written from Kingston, Ontario, where Pratt was teaching in the Queen's University Summer School.

next Saturday night
When Claire was to leave by train for Red Deer, Alberta, to visit her uncle, Ralph Whitney, and his family.