Jan. 27, 1939

Dear Herbert:

Thanks for your letter and tentative proposals about next summer. I should so much like to have a second term at Queen's provided the local demands are not prejudiced. There is, however, this difficulty. I have never taught any linguistic course in the strict sense. In fact, all my work has been post-Chaucerian.

A study of verse-forms or a short course on literary criticism would be 'up my alley.'

My regular courses at Toronto are:

  1. (1) Elizabethan drama - Shakespeare, Jonson, Webster, Fletcher, etc.
  2. (2) Seminar on the 18th Cent. classical movement
  3. (3) Lectures on the l9th Cent. romantics
  4. (4) Contemporary English & American drama & poetry
I have lost your Extension Calendar of last summer; hence I do not know the content of 14b. Could you slip me a copy?

If it were possible to divide the work between Dr Vincent and myself I should be only too delighted. Do what you find practicable, Herbert, but do not give anyone worry through forced readjustments.

Most cordially,

second term
Pratt had taught at Queen's Summer School the previous year.