March 12, 1938

Dear Herbert:

I would advise the Union College. Dr Brown, the Principal, would secure a suite of rooms for you. I stayed there for two Summers. Rob Gordon and his family were there last year and liked it. The views from the windows are simpUniversit of British Columba Summer School are simply magnificent, and the College is just five minutes walk from the University. Residence in the city is very inconvenient – some ten miles away and inadequate transportation.

Apply to Brown (J.G. Brown).

The only defect is the meal system. All the guests some fifty or so eat together and you might want privacy.

The terms are very reasonable. I paid $65.00 for six months board & lodging. I do not know what a suite would cost, but I imagine a moderate amount.

Very affectionately
Ned Pratt

Union College
Clarke was to teach at the Summer School at the University of British Columbia. See the letter to Clarke, 12 January 1938.

six months
An error for six weeks.