Oct. 20 [1937]

Dear Lorne:

Did you ever imagine the time would come when we would be hymned in verse or reverse? Well here is one from B.C. which I am sending on to you. You do not need to return it.


Your article in the Magazine came in for a lot of commendation – It was grand.

here is one
Pratt enclosed the typescript of some forty lines of comic doggerel, anonymous, and entitled 'A Local Poet's Lament (After reading "The Interpreter's House," by Lorne Pierce).' Both Pierce and Pratt are referred to in the excerpt.

Your article
'The Interpreter's House,' published in the summer number of the CPM. It was the first contribution to a new prose feature which Pratt had begun in the magazine. See the letter to Pierce, 14 April 1937.