Oct. 20 [1937]

My dear Herbert:

It will be dress though I am going to wear dinner jacket. Either I guess would do. Doors close at 8.30. Open at 8. 8:30 sharp commences.

Next to Buchan's your item is going to be the most significant. But we are all as readers limited to six minutes as the show must be over by a little after ten.

I haven't any short poems on hand at present. I am bringing out a book next week – The Fable of the Goats, and I am adding all my short ones. But later on when pressure eases I may have one or two to submit to the Q.Q.


It will be dress
See the letter to G.H. Clarke, 18 October 1937.

John Buchan, Lord Tweedsmuir, would be presenting the Tweedsmuir Prize for the best poem in Volume 2 of CPM.

your item
Clarke was being presented with the Seranus Prize for the best poem in Volume 1 of CPM, his 'Hymn to the Spirit Eternal.' See the letter to Clarke, 15 May 1937.

Clarke was editor of Queen's Quarterly.