June 23, 1937

My dear Herbert:

Thanks for your letter and kind comments on the 'Goat Fable.' The poem has 'taken hold' in many places and I am very pleased.

Your Hymn won the 'Seranus' for the best poem of the four issues of 1936–March '37. The Tweedsmuir award pertains only to the best poem of the second volume 1937-8. It doesn't apply to 1936 – worse luck!

Our trip did us good. I hope to see you next fall.

Love from Claire & Vi & myself.


'Goat Fable'
The Fable of the Goats was still unpublished, but Pratt had circulated typescripts of the poem among a number of his friends.

The prize for the best poem in Volume I of
CPM. See the letter to G.H. Clarke, 15 May 1937.

Tweedsmuir award
The Governor-General, Lord Tweedsmuir, had given a medal for the best poem in the first volume of the
CPM. As the Seranus Prize for the best poem in Volume 1 had already been announced, the Tweedsmuir medal was applied to the poems in Volume 2.