Summer Session
Thursday [13 Aug. 1936]

Dearest Vi:

I am sending your tickets, as requested, to take care of the checking of the cases.

Claire's letter came this morning and I answered it with a card. I am gathering together a few little things as mementoes of Vancouver which I shall pass on to Cayke and Harvie and Phyllis.

This morning I read the Titanic to my class. They asked for it and brought their friends – about sixty in all. Do you remember Gordon Schrum who came up to Bobcaygeon for a stag about six years ago? Mrs Schrum was present and said Gordon would be back in Vancouver at the end of the month and wished to be remembered to you & me.

Mr Myers, my Union College friend and golf mate, told me today, very secretly, that my class were going to present me with a farewell gift next week on the last day of lectures. They suggested a golf club but Myers said no, as I had all the clubs I needed. Why not give a dozen Spalding Kroflites? They seized the idea at once. As a matter of sheer coincidence I had told Myers the day before that I would rather have golfballs for presents than a house or a suit of clothes or a washing machine. That's what I am to get next week and of course I will be so taken by surprise that my breath will fail me. I shall keep them intact till we get back to Toronto and you and I will celebrate together by a game in which the first two of this dozen will be hit by ourselves. What about that idea old dearie?

Well the time is passing and I am keen to get away, to get back to the two of you and Toronto again. I hope you have put on a little weight this summer and are feeling well for the fall. Cayke writes in good spirits. I trust she is adding a few pounds too.

Much love

From the University of British Columbia.