June 2, 1936.

My dear Herbert:

Your Hymn looks fine in the magazine. It carries enough dignity for three or four issues. I feel sad at the vast amount of stuff I have to reject. What appears is the best of the gleaning – that's the most I can say. I think we have a fair number when the average is struck. Will you let me know your six preferences in order? I understand perfectly the propriety of your relationship with the Hymn. You can leave that matter to me personally.

That Victoria chap was Frye, but he is going to England for two years, hence unavailable. Have you given any thought to Jack Creighton now on a Royal Society Fellowship in London? He will be returning this fall and looking for a position. He is able and enthusiastic.

Say, about the copies of the C.P.M. Would you drop a line personally to A.H. Robson, c/o Rous & Mann, Simcoe & Queen Sts Toronto. I have personal reasons why a request for extra copies should go direct to him from author. He is Business Manager and likes to be consulted at first hand. He will send you a few of the copies I am sure.


Clarke was a member of the Canadian Poetry Magazine's Advisory Board, which determined prizes for each edition. See letter to Clarke, 27 March, 1936.