July 2, 1935

Thanks old codger


A Dirty Newfoundlander

old codger
The occasion of this note is unknown. Walter Jackson McRaye was Pratt's friend for many years, and Pratt presented him an inscribed copy of each of his books as it appeared. His inscriptions are often quite original and amusing. Here are some of them:

The Witches' Brew:

To Walter McRaye
from Ned Pratt
'When you are thirsty.'

The Roosevelt and the Antinoe:

To my dear friend Walter McRaye
May his springs of humor never dry up!

Ned Pratt

The musical speech of Sir Walter
Has the tone of a priest at an altar
Its magical spell
Has the chime of a bell
Or a song in the Kirk from the Psalter.
'St Patrick's Day, Be Jabers.'

The Fable of the Goats:

Walter: I hope the goats don't smell too strenuously


Brebeuf and His Brethren:

By E.J. Pratt (a d---ty Nflder)

Walter, You're a prince – a man to thank God on.

Ned Pratt