February 28, 1935

My dear George:

I cannot imagine how that word 'blood' was typed into that stanza. I looked up all my other copies and the word was 'cells.' You hit on it naturally and obviously. It is simply a typist's error as I have much of my stuff done by a stenographer. If you see anything else wrong in punctuation or metre, would you kindly fix it yourself as your copy was unrevised. Thanks so much for letting me know in time. I would hate to have that line go in with 'blood' literally & metaphorically. I am voting for the candidates especially Raymond.

One of the joys of next May would be renewing with you.


Third stanza of the 'The Prize-Winner' (later 'The Prize Cat'), which Pratt had sent to Clarke for publication in Queen's Quarterly.

next May
When the annual meetings of the Royal Society were to be held.