Jan. 24, 1934

My dear George:

I am submitting four other sonnets from which you may find a substitute or substitutes for 'The Timeless Moment.'

Let us plan on having a time together during the Royal Society Meetings.


See the note 'The Inexpressible' in the letter to F.R. Scott, 9 January 1934); a sonnet-duo entitled 'Fire,' later published in Fable of the Goats; and 'Credo Quia Non Intellego' (see the note 'Credo Quia Non Intellego' in the letter to F.R. Scott, 3 January 1934). Only the last appeared in Queen's Quarterly, 41 (May 1934), 255).

substitute or substitutes
See letter to G.H. Clarke, 29 November 1933.