[mid-Nov. 1933]

Dear Billy,

I have just written Scott a letter of appreciation of the Literary Columns, claiming that the page was never so brilliant and attractive as it is at present, and that I believed I was expressing not only my own views but those of a large body of Canadian writers and readers and so on and so on.


Literary Column
On 15 November, Deacon had written an anxious letter to Pratt: John Scott, the Managing Editor of The Globe and Mail, had received six letters of complaint about his Janey Canuck article (see the letter to Deacon, 5 November 1933) at a time when the paper was already disturbed by the radical political views expressed in his My Vision of Canada. He asked if Pratt and his colleagues might send some positive comments about his work to Scott. After this initial reassurance, Pratt's campaign on behalf of his friend escalated. See his letter to Deacon, 16 November 1933.