Dec. 17, 1931

My dear Clarke:

I deeply appreciate your kind offer to be my host during my proposed visit to Kingston. I accept it most heartily as I have always regarded you more as a personal friend than as a professional colleague.

I do not know yet what date the Extension Department is going to arrange for me, but I scarcely think that I would have time to take on another lecture. I have a heavy schedule here and may have to go late and return early. Do not bother about a large meeting, but let it remain this way: — If I have time, I will do some reading to one of your classes in an informal manner. Not a large aggregation of students in a public way at all, but just casual depending on the occasion. I intend giving the story of the 'Roosevelt' with readings and also, time permitting, some account of Newfoundland life.

Most fraternally
Ned Pratt

visit to Kingston
Pratt had been asked by the Canadian Club of Kingston to give a 'Poetry recital' sometime in the winter of 1932.

Extension Department
As he had done for some years Pratt gave evening classes for Victoria's Extension Department. Since his Kingston engagement was an evening one the Extension Department had to be consulted. (See letters to Clarke dated 12, 17 and 20 January 1932.)