Sept. 29, 1930

Dear Professor Clarke,

I wonder if you would let me have that account of your interview with Masefield's friend of the pub in New York. It was the most charming bit of story-telling I have heard in years. I will quote you whenever I tell it in public. Have you the manuscript by you? Could I make use of it and return.

I am greatly enjoying your stories running in the Canadian Magazine.

Yours truly
E.J. Pratt

that account
In a paper read before the Royal Society in June, Clarke told the story of a New York bartender whom John Masefield was said to have admired, who could take two glasses of liquor and toss the contents over his shoulder and back again without spilling a drop. Clarke sent Pratt a copy of the anecdote, which he repeated several times in public addresses as one that he himself had had directly from Masefield's mouth. He met Masefield briefly several times (see letter to Leonard Brockington, November 1951), but the anecdote seems to have come by way of Clarke.