Feb. 24, 1930

My dear Freddie,

It was really a joy to get that note from you, to refresh the memory of an old friendship. Isn't it too bad that pals do not see more of one another. The city is getting too big.

It also gives me great pleasure to know that you want those books of mine. With regard to the first one – The Witches' Brew – I shall send you a copy soon as a little present, so you do not need to buy it. The other three – Titans, The Iron Door, and the Roosevelt and the Antinoe may be obtained at Eaton's.

Eaton's has asked me to come to their store on Friday morning, the 28th inst, at 10 to autograph my books. I am to be there from 10 to 11.30. Would it be convenient for you to drop in sometime in that interval to get those three you want? I shall be there at a desk in the Book Section and would love to see you over and above the pleasure of the sale of the books. – 10-11.30 Friday morning. I shall have the 'Witches' Brew' in my pocket for you as well.

Most fraternally
Ned Pratt