25 Tullis Drive
Oct. 23 [1927]

Dear Billy,

Here is the review or rather notice for Rambles in High Savoy. It isn't anything great but rather I think a summons to notice a book of fine construction, – a de luxe performance.

I want also to thank you for the Saturday Night review. The one point I was glad to have brought out was the fact that the problem was for me a dramatic rather than a speculative one, the only effective way of emotionalising an experience.

I want to get your Jamesian production. I suppose it will be at Eaton's or Tyrell's.

Your Supplement was the best yet in my judgment. I read it when I was at Vancouver I think, or Victoria. Many people spoke of it to me on my tour. Will see you soon.


Pratt's review of this book by F.M. Gos was published in Saturday Night (26 November 1927).

Deacon had reviewed 'The Iron Door' under the title 'The Last Impregnable Retreat' in Saturday Night (22 October 1927), 10.

Jamesian production
Deacon's new book, The Four Jameses, a satirical appreciation of four of Canada's worst poets, was published in December 1927 by Graphic Press.

Eaton's or Tyrell's
The book departments of the T. Eaton Company and William Tyrell and Company.

Deacon's Fall Supplement (or Literary Section) in Saturday Night, published on 1 October 1927.