Bobcaygeon, Ont
August 23 1927

Dear Lorne,

Art Phelps has promised to look after my lecture on my return to Winnipeg from Vancouver so you need not make any arrangements either with Authors' Association or the University at that place. My itinerary I understand is fixed on the outward trip in late September before the Canadian Club by Spry. If so that settles Winnipeg O.K. The University is not open on the outbound and Art will personally take care of me when I get back Oct. 8.

How about a week end up here you old dog. Our joint families would give you a barn stormer of a time.


For his recital tour to the Canadian clubs in northwestern Ontario and western Canada. See letter to Pierce, 9 May 1927.

joint families
The Pratt and Phelps families, in neighbouring cottages at Bobcaygeon.