Bobcaygeon, Ont.
[19 Aug. 1926]

Dear Billy,

How are things going old chap? Sal, Penelope, Billy, Deirdre & your own Editorial Highness. Things moving along here slowly. A bit lonely in a way. All our neighbours are away and I do not know if they are returning this summer. Did you go to Vancouver? I didn't, as I had been away enough from my family in June & July. I feel very sorry that you couldn't get a decent holiday this summer; Sal needed it badly but luck seemed to be against you. How about Poteen? Is it ready? Does the market look good bad or indifferent for books generally this year? I wonder.

However, with a house on a lake, a garden and a golf field not distant, and a punt these other mundane things slip by.

Beck sent that wood all right. You needn't have ordered it as a bit of wood doesn't signify anything. If you and Sal thought you could take a couple of weeks about the first of October you are welcome here. Lovely weather then if a little cool at night.


Sal, Penelope, Billy, Diedre
Deacon's wife, Sally Townsend, and their three children.

The annual CAA convention had been held in Vancouver in early August.

against you
The Deacons' holiday had been plagued by poor weather, the children's illness, and problems associated with Mrs. Deacon's pregnancy.

A book by Deacon, published by Graphic Press, Ottawa. See letter to Deacon, 9 September 1926.

'Teddy' Beck, a local contractor and supplier. (Deacon had ordered fire-wood to replace the quantity used from Pratt's supply during their stay.)