Victoria College
July 11 [1925]

Dear Billy,

Hope you are having a good time and putting on flesh. Same to Mrs Bill and Kiddies. Retain the cottage till July 25 when the examinations here are scheduled to be over. If you happen to be in the city before that date leave a message by telephone at Vic any day before noon for me to call you. We may arrange a chat. I am rooming in the South House of Burwash Hall, the house being rented.


Postcard; postmarked Toronto, Ontario, 12 July 1925.

The Deacons, who had two children now, were occupying the Pratts' cottage at Bobcaygeon. Pratt himself was marking Ontario High School examination scripts in Toronto, while Viola and Claire stayed on with Pratt's mother in St. John's till late September.

Burwash Hall
At Victoria College.